Born from a passion for the South African bush, wilderness, conservation, fine destinations and excellent service, Ordo Tours was established 12 years ago in Gauteng, South Africa as an inbound tour operator. The highly professional team boasts more than 70 years of collective experience in the tourism industry which has lead to an in-depth understanding of the varied needs and aspirations of the tourist. We seek to share our passion and unrivalled knowledge of South Africa, her abundant wildlife and her great natural beauty. Through us you will discover her most cherished secrets and be touched by her soul.

We turn holidays into unforgettable lifetime experiences. We offer unique accommodation, day tours, packaged tours for individuals to large groups as well as incentive and conference groups, incorporating all the essential tourist sites and routes in Southern Africa. We also create tailor-made guided or self-drive tours according to your specific interests and budget.

We work with registered South African tour guides who are professional and knowledgeable. We have a fleet of vehicles for individual tourists to small groups and sub-hire vehicles for larger groups. We make use of legally registered luxury vehicles that have passenger liability insurances.

We are well connected with the best Southern African facilities and provide competitively priced, creative itineraries without ever compromising quality. Our company enjoys powerful recognition with international tour operators. Each year we put together holidays for thousands of individual tourists into South Africa and work on at least 20 large groups per year from various tour operators in Israel, Romania and USA. Due to our expertise, we have had the privilege to work on the following incentive groups : Hachsharat Hayashuv, Alvarion, Menorah, Radware, Lafarge Cement, Bank Leumi and are currently working on “Queen of the Desert” which is a group of 600 women.

Amos Ordo, the director of Ordo Tours has more than 28 years of experience in the South African Tourism Industry. Amos was born in Israel and worked there as a specialist guide to South Africa before moving to South Africa and establishing Ordo Tours. He has in-depth knowledge of the region and his years of experience have given him an excellent understanding of the exacting requirements, quality of service, precision and attention to detail essential in this industry. He is well known and respected as a South African travel icon in both South Africa and Israel.

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